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Webinar JEO Review - Secrets to Start Business with Webinar

Webinar JEO Demo & Interview


A webinar is a virtual lecture or training session presented live on the Internet. The session includes PowerPoint presentation, handouts, video, interactive questions, and answers. Attendees also have access to the recorded Webinar without extra fees. You do not have to worry about traveling and missing two to four days of your works, and you still receive the same learning outcomes as regular workshops. Also, the registration fee is all it costs you. In the budget situation, this should be the best option to gain more knowledge without spending thousands of dollars on airfare, hotel, car rental, taxi, etc. You can attend a Webinar in your office or at home at your convenience. Using a computer headset, you can keep your Webinar quiet and not bothersome for others.

For these advantages, today I want to share to you a webinar product, which helps make conferences easily and economically. Keep reading my Webinar JEO review to discover unbelievable benefits of it.


Webinar JEO is based on WebRTC technology; all communication is processed quickly and smoothly. So maintain applications with image quality and best sound. Furthermore, it also allows the calendar reminders or registers seminar. With Webinar JEO, you can follow-up information and join conference online from anywhere without having to install. Also, this application also allows you to use an integrated chat program to discuss in groups. There are two modes private and public. For each mode, Webinar JEO allows a user to manage group chats effectively; they can chat with one or more groups at the same time.

Webinar JEO provides a platform that allows the participants to draw directly on them and everyone in the group can see. This is one great feature helping users to express their ideas through intuitive info. This is no different in real life. Not only that, but this application also allows absent members in the workshop to review the entire contents of the conference at any time.In the next section of the review, I will go to the detailed of each function of Webinar JEO.


Organize online conferences

Webinar JEO lets you create online workshops through the following steps:

  • Registration for the online seminar as name, date, contents, the list of members.
  • Send an invitation to the conference participants.
  • Check device physics like webcam, micro.

The workshop participants will get a connection signal. After a successful connection, they can see each other. These workshops are held regularly in the enterprise when someone is often in foreign. Also, this method help enhances the quality of conferences and save money for operating.

Besides that, many people also use Webinar JEO to communicate with relatives in far distant.

Communicating through interactive panel

Interactive boards offer the user a set of options such as brush size, color value.  Not stopping there, the program also lets you choose to share the many formatted attachments to all the members of the group.

Record content and review seminar

This is a very useful function that allows users to view seminar contents in case you missed. If you are a busy person, the stored contents are an essential seminar. Furthermore, Webinar JEO also allows you to schedule to automatically record the results. With this function, you will not miss important conferences.

Not only that, Webinar JEO lets you manipulate on the whiteboard. Whiteboard is an empty table page.  This plaque can be seen by all the members. Members will directly note to this table and discuss with other members.

Communicate via chat

This feature allows users to exchange information by an integrated chat program. With this program, users can be easy to communicate with other members by sending a message. Users can chat with multiple people at once.

Chat function provides active programs in two modes: private and public. With private mode, only you have rights to edit the content. With public mode, you can chat in groups and all the people.

WebRTC technology improves speed and strength

WebRTC is one of the modern technologies allows maximum strength to improve networks and speed to download a video. This feature will make the image and sound quality as well as possible.

Webinar JEO integrated WebRTC to increase processing speed and export quality. WebRTC applies threading mechanism when processing, which helps ensure the quality of the connection. With strength from an online application, Webinar JEO is one of the valuable applications and can totally replace the current agenda.

Webinar JEO is one of the best modern applications that can compete with the big manufacturers such as Cannon, Epson. With this application, the online seminar is organized and managed easily. Through this Webinar JEO review, I wish you to have a fresh look at this tool; a tool forms web-based activities.

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